Having moved 19 times, Judith deeply emphasises with the plight of modern millennials, who, driven by globalisation and a deep need for a meaningful career (been there, done that), are opting for homes in crowded cities resembling Jerry's humble Mouse-abode hidden behind the skirting board of the apartment with an entrance too small for Tom's prying paws. In short, low ceilings, no storage, scarce natural light and awkward corners that don’t exactly resemble our perfectly curated Pinterest board interior design dreams.

With a long-standing family heritage of nomadic living going back three+ generations, embracing temporary housing and making it a home is a speciality that Judith has mastered by combining her aptitude for home DIY’s (aka “making something out of nothing”), her ridiculously advanced eBay treasure hunting skills and her education in the psychology of design. Her desire for Akuko Atelier is to be a resource that goes beyond presenting design principles to explaining why they actually work, making it possible to adapt them to any style preference and housing situation. Based on her own experience and research on the psychology of home, Judith believes that our homes are the breeding grounds for a life lived to its full potential.

“A home is a guardian of identity. The owners of a home went away on a long journey. On their return, as they looked around them. They remembered who they were.”

Alain de Botton – “The Architecture Of Happiness”

Akuko Atelier is the little sister of Akuko Studio, the creative branding agency run by Judith and her husband and product designer Timothy Achumba. She is also the co-founder and creative director of the Psychology of Fashion magazine Hajinsky.

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